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Loreto is a small city of approximately 17,000 people that sits on the east coast of Baja California, facing the Sea of Cortez. It was the first Spanish settlement on the Baja California Peninsula and is the starting point for the historic El Camino Real corridor that follows north along the ancient route of the Spanish missions from Mission of Our Lady of Loreto to Sonoma, California. From Loreto, Father Junipero Serra, who established the Mission San Buenaventura, planned his journey north to Alta California. Part of our tour will be of the mission, the first developed on the El Camino Real corridor going north along the ancient route to Sonoma, California.  Where the past meets the future.

Loreto is also home to Loreto Bay National Park where Coronado, Del Carmen, Danzante, Montserrat and Santa Catalina Islands are home to over 800 species of marine life. With breathtaking cliffs, spectacular beaches and dramatic rock formations, these islands are a perfect landscape for the ecologically-minded or those who delight in a vast array of marine life. There are efforts to create a sister park relationship between Channel Islands National Park in Ventura and Loreto Bay National Park, that will provide extensive opportunities to share science, research conservation and eco-tourism programs, and sustainable growth efforts.

Loreto facts:

Loretos is:

  • First capital of the Californias.
  • Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
  • Natural Protected Area in Mexico since 1996.
  • 2nd. National Marine Park “Bahia de Loreto”.
  • Only place in the world were the biggest marine mammal the “blue whale” come to breed, feed and give birth.
  • 2nd. Best world destination for sea kayaking.
  • More than 100 sites to dive and snorkel.
  • Wonderful place for bird watching (marine and inland species).
  • Sunrise world capital

Loreto adventure:

  • Blue whale watching
  • Kayaking / SUP´s
  • Diving/snorkeling
  • Hiking
  • Fishing
  • History and Archaeological tours
  • Culinary tours
  • City tours
  • Bird watching tour
  • Mountain bike
  • Mule trips
  • Cave paintins
  • Canyon exploration
  • Photo hunting
  • Sunrise catching

Loreto Atractions:

  • Diverse culinary destination
  • 2 Golf courses
  • 2 Marinas
  • Beach front avenue (Malecon)
  • 2 Mission churches
  • 1 History museum
  • 5 Island into the Marine Park

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