Magic Town

The magical villages programme, developed by the Ministry of tourism in collaboration with various government agencies and State and municipal governments contributes to reassess a set of populations in the country who have always been in the collective imagination of the nation as a whole and which represent fresh and different alternatives for national and foreign visitors. More than a bailout, is a recognition people who inhabit these beautiful places in the Mexican geography and have managed to save for all the historical and cultural wealth that enclose.

The magical villages programme objectives are very broad scope, among others, highlight the tourist value of towns in the interior of the country, to structure a tourist offer innovative and original, that meets one demand rising of culture, traditions, adventure and extreme sports in natural settings, or the simple, but unique everyday rural life.

A magical town is a town that has symbolic attributes, legends, history, transcendental facts, daily life, in short magic emanating socio - cultural, in each of its manifestations and that today mean a great opportunity for tourist use.

It is clear that its impact exceed by far the idea of improving the urban image and register on the need to combine efforts to become detonators of the local and regional economy. Tourism and the flow of visitors, produces.

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Magic Town